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AFEIAS has started Online Classes, E- Learning Platform for UPSC exam preparation upon receiving special requests from students. Many students wanted to attend our 15-Day Classes but somehow they faced difficulties in attending our offline classes due to their preoccupation with Jobs for working professionals and studies for college-going students. We also received several requests from housewives facing similar issues where they were keen to attend our Classes. Moreover, most of those students who attended and had completed our 15-Day Offline Classes, wanted a medium to stay connected with AFEIAS to further continue their preparation.

Keeping all these problems and issues faced by students in our mind, we decided to take a bold step in order to fulfill the demands of our students. As a result, online classes of AFEIAS were launched.

Course Details

  • Complete classes on General Studies – for Prelims and Mains both
  • Preparation, strategy and practice of CSAT (Pre GS-2).
  • Preparation and practice of answer writing.
  • Preparation of General English and General Hindi.
  • Development of analytical ability.
  • Lectures on Current Affairs.
  • More than 1000 hours of lectures.
  • Preparation and practice of Essay-Writing.
  • Preparation for the interview.
  • Practice of Prelims question papers.
  • Psychological preparation for UPSC.
  • Other important information.

Important Points

  • Cost effective: No need to spend lakhs of rupees.
  • Classes can be taken anywhere, anytime as per your convenience.
  • No need to struggle in big cities in search of quality coaching.
  • It saves your valuable time.
  • We focus on making our lectures in a way that will not only teach you, but will create a deep understanding of the subject within you as well. They will also help you in developing better analytical ability.
  • A complete solution for your preparation.
  • The best study material is available within the comfort of your home.
  • This course can be taken alongside your college, school or work.
  • Our lectures will not teach you, but will help you understand.

Other Information

  • 90% of our lectures will be delivered by Dr. Vijay Agrawal.
  • Lectures will be delivered in Hindi, but in a manner that English medium students shall not face any problem in comprehending Hindi.
  • Students will be required to make their own notes. Only self-prepared notes can guarantee you your success.
  • Every video can be viewed only for a limited number of times, but streaming the videos at least 3 times will definitely be permitted. Therefore, you should be vigilant in watching the videos.
  • The course is valid for 1 year.
  • The course starts as soon as you register yourself into the course and you can watch the videos as per your convenience.
  • You will need 2+ Mbps speed of internet for better streaming. Broadband is recommended over 3G/4G.
  • Mobile Specification- Android version 7 and above.
  • Compatible web browsers- Updated Google Chrome, Firefox or Microsoft Edge, IOS - Safari

Who Should Join

  • Those who are well-aware, sincere and dedicated towards their goals.
  • Housewives who want to prepare for UPSC along with their family responsibilities.
  • Those keen candidates who cannot go to big cities or afford expensive coaching institutes.
  • Those who are preparing for UPSC along with their college or school.
  • Working men and women who are preparing alongside their work duties.
  • Candidates who are preparing not only for UPSC, but also for PSC or other competitive exams.

Videos are Pre-recorded which will be revised along with the course of time.

85% of the lectures are taken by Vijay Agrawal Sir.

Lectures will be in Hindi language. But in a way that English Medium students can also benefit from them. If they understand Hindi, then there will be no problem.

Notes have to be made by the students themselves. Success can only be expected with one’s own notes. Toppers’ notes are sold in the market and people also buy them, but students do not understand that the toppers' notes are being sold because they were made by the toppers themselves. That means, making your own notes is necessary for success. When you make your own notes, you tend to get a firm grip on the subject because rigorous hard work is required in that process.

Each video can be viewed only for a limited number of times. But at least 3 times will be allowed.

The validity of the course is 1 year.

The course can be purchased by ‘Signing up’/’Registering’. The course starts as soon as you pay the fees and you can watch its videos online in your phone or laptop as per your convenience.

This may require internet speed of 2+ Mbps.
Mobile Specification- Android version 7 or above Compatible web browsers - Desktop - Updated Chrome or Firefox, Android - Updated Chrome or Brave browser, iOS – Safari

Videos are made in such a way that the students will face no difficulty in understanding them. If there still occurs any doubt, it is good that the student solves it by working hard himself. This also increases their understanding. We do not believe in any kind of false promises, hence the facility of ‘solving the doubts’ is not available with us.

No. Only Compulsory Subjects will be taught in this course.

Generally, a video is about 15 to 32 minutes long.

You can join the free demo and see the ‘Answer Writing’ demo in it for yourself. You will be given a model answer and a video will also be given on how to evaluate yourself and how you should have framed and thought of your answer.

No coaching can bring you success with regard to the examination of IAS. If someone makes such a claim, it is a false one. The aim of the class is to create understanding about the topic in the student so that when he reads the books, he does not face much difficulty in comprehending it. Preparation depends on the student, which is, from reading the books, making notes, practicing and revising repeatedly. That is why we never like to take credit for our student's success.

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